How to Get a Professional Resume for $5

Both educators and students have a nice, long break coming up. I encourage you to use this time off for both personal and professional reflection. This is also a time when many educators start looking for new positions. Are you satisfied with how your year is going? Have you started looking at school district websites just to see what job opportunities are out there? You can’t be afraid to leave something that is comfortable for something that is better and provides more opportunities for growth. And money. Can you already feel the dread that preparing a resume brings with it? Don’t worry, only great ideas on how to help you here!


A lot of people don’t know this (and look for an upcoming post on the blog about this topic), but there are a large number of jobs in education that don’t involve teaching. Many of them actually pay quite well. In addition to needing related experience, you will also need a professional and polished resume to land them. As someone who has participated in hiring committees in education, I can honestly say that candidates can be rejected in seconds just from their resume appearance. Literally seconds. Weird fonts, unintelligible formatting, unrelated information, and grammatical errors are some of the most common reasons why someone’s resume immediately goes into the ‘NO’ pile.


In order for me to keep a resume in my hand and actually read about the candidate, it has to have a special ‘pop’ to it. In today’s post, I want to tell you how to get an eye-catching resume designed for you for only $5 that will take you just a few minutes. You won’t have to spend HOURS trying to figure out why Microsoft Word randomly added extra spaces or page breaks into your ‘work experience’. You won’t have to Google ‘resume templates’ and spend days tweaking them to match the picture you have in your head. This process is actually much simpler, costs $5, and takes maybe 5 minutes: submit your information, pay $5, wait a day or two, and receive a PDF version of an amazing resume via email to print and send out to all of those district recruiters. See the related image below.


Professional Resume for Five Dollars



Go here. It is a link to a resume ‘gig’, one of many services (called gigs) provided by a site called Fiverr. Fiverr has a ton of services and products that you can browse and purchase, the majority of which are only $5. The site itself is just a collection of individuals, similar to you and me, who are experts at specific tasks. They sell that skill or service to people who need it. It’s basically a different version of Etsy. I’ve used the site in the past, and have had good results. The people on the site are interested in becoming top sellers and provide great customer service to achieve that.


I’m targeting resume services in this post because a great resume is an invaluable resource. A single piece of paper that details your entire life and work experiences for employers is not easy to create on your own. I chose this particular seller because he has over 4,000 positive reviews, he responds quickly, and he is a graphic designer who provides quality products. You can find his page here. Click on the link and look at some of the sample resumes. They look amazing! I wouldn’t think twice about seriously considering a candidate with a resume that looks like that.  Another bonus about this seller is that if you want to change something about the final version, he provides revisions! He does have more expensive options, but all you need is the $5 ‘Basic’ package.



Do yourself a favor and give yourself a boost over the other job candidates and have a resume created for you. This is easy, it costs $5, and it saves you a huge amount of time. Some people pay hundreds of dollars to professional companies for resume building. It doesn’t have to cost that much! Save yourself the time and effort and make your resume stand out!! If there are other services you need, be sure and use Fiverr as a resource, the site has a ton of stuff to offer. Please leave comments below if this post was helpful. Find more great blogging from us at The Break Room Blog.




Interview Like a Pro

For additional tips and strategies on how to interview like a professional, check out this course from Udemy. This comprehensive course breaks down every aspect of interviewing so you can feel confident, in control, and successful. Click here for more info!

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  1. I really think that people underestimate power of people who do certain work daily. I have been regular buyer on Fiverr simply because I am blown away again and again on what you can get accomplished by simply paying $5. It’s not that I can’t do certain stuff… but why spend a day on it when I can have it for $5? Now, was every gig home run? Obviously no, but then again it’s $5. You can’t expect world for it. Plus, the seller mentioned in this article checks all the boxes I usually look for: long history, Top Rated, positive attitude. So, definitely keep preaching – I’m sure more and more people will start taking advantage of Fiverr offers.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this posts. Having a professional resume is crucial, who knew you could get one for just $5! Thanks again for sharing, this is great! 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment Jessica! I’ve used Fiverr before, some of the sellers provide really high quality products, and for just five bucks, you can’t beat it.

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