The Benefits of Teaching English in China

Tips for Teaching AbroadIf you wish to work abroad, teaching could be the best option for you. In addition, it can turn into a financially lucrative career. If you happen to take a job like teaching English in China, it can prove to be more profitable than teaching in your own country because of all the benefits it provides.


Whenever you think of working abroad, it is essential that you get the job through a reputable and creditable source. Teaching Experience happens to be one such recruitment service if you plan to teach abroad. Still somewhat of a newbie in the education industry, Teaching Experience has managed to create a presence by offering legitimate teaching jobs. The benefits provided make this an ideal offer.


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Getting the Needed Documentation

So, first things first: getting all the documentation completed. While helping yourself to the services of Teaching Experience, all the procedures regarding the work visa is done for you. In some cases, apart from the standard educational requirement of working abroad as a teacher, you wouldn’t need any teaching experience either.


What Benefits and Perks Will I Receive?

It would be truthful to say that your perks of working as a teacher in China start the moment you set foot on the Chinese land. In addition to the work visa, the following benefits are included:

  • Housing allowance of 500RMB ($75 US)
  • Airfare reimbursement of 6000RMB ($875 US)
  • 13000-16000RMB (depending on the qualifications and experience) ($1900 – $2300 US)
  • Renewal bonus of 5000RMB ($725 US)
  • Seasonal bonus
  • Commercial insurance
  • Professional development
  • Arrival support and accommodation assistance
  • National holidays, Christmas and 7 days annual paid leave.


Different schools offer different perks to teachers who work abroad in China. Some even offer free housing while others include flight stipends and housing allowances. Teachers also receive a bonus upon contract completion.


The standard teaching position in China is no less beneficial either. Teachers are offered the following  attractive benefits:

  • 10,000-20,000RMB monthly salary ($1450 – $2900 US)
  • Airport pickup along with free flights
  • Free housing (most schools)
  • Sponsorship of ‘Z’ Visa (working visa enabling you to teach in China legally).

Language is important in order to communicate and to survive in an unknown place. In addition to helping young minds by teaching them the English language, you will get the opportunity to learn a language as well. You will receive free Mandarin lessons so that your stay abroad in China is comfortable and beneficial.


What to Expect

After being picked up from the airport, you shall be given a detailed orientation to help you ease into the environment along with a welcome lunch or dinner when you arrive. Teaching English in China could be your chance to share your experiences and absorb the rich Chinese culture.

If you wish to work abroad as a teacher, contact Teaching Experience. This could be the best decision you’ll make!


This guest post was provided by Melvin, the General Manager for Teaching Experience. Be sure and check out the website for more information!


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